After all, what is the official position of Wonderland?

I can’t see transparency about what to do, or what not to do. The official profile is silent and the information I find is guesswork about what will happen.

After all, what should I do? I see people continue to buy, others sell. But no official and or final information about the project.

Should I keep staking? Should I sell everything and pull out? Does anyone have more accurate information?



Nothing new to share. We are where we are. Frogs decided to keep going, now we get organized and move forward. If you believed in WL for the long term before, nothing has really changed. If you have lost hope in the project, you can sell like many did. You can also hodl to see if there is a rage quit option or something implemented.

Right now we are taking the time to regroup.


The DAO is the DAO and can propose and vote until the cows come home. At the end of the day, Up to the sigs who control the treasury what they do with it, and that has no small effect on the price on time/memo. Frogs showed their collective power to maintain the fund and prevent an orchestrated dissolution. I’d say the silence is for a very good reason. Just wait and see…


Absolutely, and Dani said in his tweet he’d be taking some time… I’m sure he’s getting an outstanding amount of DM’s too


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