Airdops after moving account

Hi there, I moved my account from MM to a hardware wallet 10 days ago, but was previously staked when the Betswap GG snapshot was taken on 10th. I have obviously kept the same balance thereafter but it is in a different wallet address, will I still be receiving the airdop into my first MM account even though the funds were transferred after the snapshot date to a more secure account or will I now be missing out?

Given the way snapshots work, you’ll most likely receive the airdrop into your original MM address.

I have the same dilemma and didn’t receive any airdrops yet. Is their more information on them?

What @rocko_3_3 is the correct answer as far as I know.

The BSGG airdrop hasn’t happened yet, that why you didn’t get it.
The other airdrop was for those that bridge to FTM and staked on Popsicle two days ago before 5pm UTC.

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Thanks for quick replies !

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