All documented explanation how WL actually was set up to work. Business case in detail before RQ

For the future of WL and the credibility of leadership and community, it is important to understand the full business case of mechanics of value creation and asset distribution.

If we did not have a solid business plan from the start, what was it about?

If we did not have a solid business plan from the start, then we will be open to random manipulations in the future.

The definition of speculation is forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence.

95% of people support Rage Quit - it means the project is evaluated as not just for the investors. We are not frogs - we do not jump a ship and leave everyone who lost the money to have Bad Memories of DeFi. After Rage Quit is fully distributed >> 500mln will be left in the treasury. This money came from investors and because of their loss because those who agreed to RG agreed to less money. They can be blamed, we all can be blamed for shorting themselves.

Investment does not have to be risky. Risk is a sign of ignorance, not understanding the system. Smart investors create smart financial vehicles. DeFi means - we have control of the system and organization we are all running, creating.

If the system works - there is no risk. If there is no risk - we have a future.

If we have a future - there is no reason for rage quit.
If Dani wants to contribute to charity - first let’s start a charity for all those who lost money in WL. Why create bad memories, bad reputations, bad futures? Bad for WL and bad for Dani and bad for DeFi.

Otherwise, we are not DeFi, we are just like feds who pretend to have control and cover-up for criminal markets. Otherwise, we are sleepwalking into another big loss of the left treasury.

Proposal #1 Create Firm Evidence
Documented case on how WL investment fund works/does not work, will work. How money left in the treasury will not be drained by new manipulations.

Proposal #2
Create a Charity Fund for all who lost money in Wonderland out of the left treasury. Help Dani to attain his dream.

Proposal #3
Pioneer new Financial system on solid ground.

Proposal #4

Discuss the future before full RQ.

Investment does not have to be risky, it is never risky when we know what we are doing.

This is our responsibility to create a new system. We are pioneers of a new financial system.

Let’s design the system that is working. Who wants to be a pioneer?

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