Allow for Free Discussion and Implement Fair Moderation

Core Problem
Moderators have the ability to shape the discussion by removing opinions they do not agree with. Additionally there are no clear checks and balances to ensure this does not happen.

A Specific Example of the Problem
Many users have been banned for unclear or unknown reasons during the last few weeks, and specifically during the wind down voting discussion window.

Why is it a problem
In order to have a properly functioning DAO, we need to allow for open discussion, specifically if the subject in question is being voted on.

I understand there is animosity towards people that were suggesting a YES vote, but I believe it is important for the integrity of a DAO to create protections for people who make or express unpopular opinions. (as long as it is done in a Civil manner)


  1. No permanent bans, instead users are muted. This allows them to still access the critical information that is provided in the discord.

  2. A special discord channel is created where:

  • The mods who muted the user must provide the reason and evidence of the infraction inside this channel.
  • Muted users can have a chance appeal their mutes (they can only type in this channel, the rest of discord is read only)

In the meantime I also move we unban all accounts that were banned in the last 2 weeks while we implement the new systems.

I believe a large majority of these people (full disclosure, including myself) were unfairly banned in the period due to biased censorship by certain moderators in order to influence the wind-down vote.

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To be fair, Discord is not the best way to have nice discussions, but I get what you are saying.

Most commands have a “rationale” option that can be used. People with that power have been encourage/told to use it. As for muting only, this could still be abused without clear guidelines so this would need to be fleshed out more.

As for being unbanned, there is already quite a few post in the #support section of the forum. Most of them have been reviewed by the mods and unbanned if deemed appropriate. Feel free to do so if you believe you were unfairly unbanned.

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