Allow the real investors(frogs) to decide the future of wonderland

Currently as we all know whales are buying at current prices which is lower than the backing price. Its been always a win for the whales and arbitragers for all this time. So, atleast for this moment allow the real frogs investors who trusted the projects vision to decide its future. One option is to consider the snapshot taken for $BSGG airdrop and a new screenshot in that way the wallets that way we can recognize the investors and only allow those wallets to vote in order to decide the future of wonderland.

And incase the option is to wind the project (I personally think that they won’t) then distribute these wallets with more percentage of the treasury.

And for those wallets thats filling their bags currently in order to gain profit, distribute the treasury amount at which they bought $wmemo in this way they won’t eat away more from the once who actually deserves to be rewarded.

Also burn the wmemo, memo and time thats been holded by the treasury if the project chooses to wind the project.


Nothing can determine the real investors by:

  1. Stop the LP trading (by removing the LP pool in Sushi) because some whales and other gamblers are trying to take advantage of the current situation and claim they are the real investors.
  2. Determine a cutoff time (before the series of chaos) to take snapshot of token holders list. And only those “investors” are eligible to vote and take the compensation.

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