AMBO Oil Pipeline opportunity for Wonderland treasury + community

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We are beginning the first privately owned pipeline in Europe and want to test the waters for how well the blockchain receive this kind of business. If we raise enough money and can provide to our directors that we should launch our 2nd and 3rd pipelines entirely on the blockchain, then we have the opportunity to begin a new path for everyone.

Our project has been in the works since the 1990’s.

The current general info:

  • NFT mint goes live on November 17th 2022

NFT Tiers
Level 1- $250
Level 2- $500
Level 3- $1,000
Level 4- $5,000
Level 5- $10,000
Level 6- $50,000
Level 7- $100,000
Elite - $250,000**

We have created a range of prices to ensure the inclusion of all portfolio sizes.

Elite NFT purchasers will have an open line of communication with AMBO and be able to access funding for development and new ventures.


  • 6 month pay back period of your initial mint price
  • 25% BONUS ROI on top of the 100% pay back
  • PLUS 5% for every million raised through NFT’s, cap at $5M/150% ROI in 6 months
  • 20% interest APR***

Investment example
$10,000 invested
Receive a level 5 NFT
10,000 $AMBO tokens after 6 months
3 years interest @ 20% per year = 6,000 $AMBO token
Total Tokens after 36months = 18,500 $AMBO (12,500 + 6,000)
Interest yields 2,000 $AMBO tokens per year for a level 5 NFT.
Add 500 $AMBO tokens for every million raised by NFTs minted.
$AMBO token holders will have access to our private marketplace where they can redeem $AMBO for stablecoins at a 1:1 swap ratio.

Imma be honest… Not sure I get it :joy:

Essentially, using this as a method to raise capital, right ? Nothing is terms of building/running the pipeline is done on the blockchain, right ?

So what’s the angle here for Wonderland ? Provide some capital as an investment and get exposed to “real life” assets and get returns in AMBO (1 USD) ?

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Could be a cool entry into energy if wonderland doesn’t already have many connections, of course the circumstances have to make sense, would be cool to see something like this for solar or some other type of renewable energy. Also what do you mean by gaining access to funding?

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on the back end, yes - it will help cover the legal costs associated with getting all of the loans finalized (due diligence fees to ensure all parties are legitimate and don’t carry malicious history), finances to be paid to broker, etc.

Wonderland would provide some capital and receive back exposure to real world assets and up to 150% back on their investment. This also opens the door for AMBO to return the favour in the future if/when Wonderland needs loans for growth or simply partnerships with traditional business.

Yes, AMBO will be traded via private marketplace for a value of 1:1 with stable coins.

the nice thing about getting into oil&gas, is you’re a turn away from energy… which is where we are heading, by the way.

Access to funding allows AMBO to fund future Wonderland ventures if cash is needed or partnerships with established traditional business.

For reference, AMBO would produce WL’s current treasury ($100M) in less than 50 days.

thats quite impressive, I can only imagine the regulatory struggle it must be to get a project like this approved, is it safe to say most energy projects require some sort of government oversight? also from what I read the pipeline is a service which oil companies use in order to transport the oil. whats the biggest benefit in a pipeline vs other methods right now?

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