Another (more important) Reason to Eliminate or Rebrand $TIME

TIME is an Ethereum token used in the ecosystem. provides blockchain-based solutions for recruitment, HR and payment processes, reducing the barriers to accessing work and transferring funds securely in the global labor marketplace. The TIME token can be used within its suite of products.

Market Cap: ~$65M
Coin Price: $106 (as of July 30)

I don’t think this needs much explanation. There are effectively two tokens with the same symbol.

Wonder if we can negotiate a payment to drop WL TIME, granting them sole use. Lots of brand and collateral value we give up.

Wrong time token? isn’t it currently valued at 14 USD?

Yeah, that’s what he is saying. We should change the name because there is already another one.

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Would be mindful if someone stole your name. As it is owned by Wonderland right, send a cease and desist?

I wish it was that simple. I don’t think WL has a trademark filed for TIME in the digital currency space. I scanned the USPTO and did not find anything material. If it came down to it however, it would be based on first use. Look at it the other way: what if they serve a cease and desist to us? This could be nothing, or it could become a headache later.

But this is moot since TIME = MEMO

TIME no longer serves a purpose. If it’s rebases that everyone is attached to, then we should change the rebase to MEMO since we’re wrapping MEMO to stake . I’m sure somewhere sometime someone was tripping and thought “whoa, TIME = Memories, we can never get time back, but we can have our memories” or something along those lines.

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