Anyone with 100 $Time should submit a snapshot proposal in order to pay us back above the backing price!

All of us that hold time since the begining are down -90 % on wonderland and now they say that they want to submit a proposal to disolve Wonderland by buying our $Time/Wmemo at the backing price??? Is this a joke? If Wonderland is really doing 1M in revenue they can pay as full over a certain period of time, for example 1month, and the way to do that is to calculate our entry point at the wonderland project and those who never sold or leverage or if leverage didn’t got liquidated since the start of Wonderland. Start by paying the oldest time holders until the 27/01/2022 when the @0xSifu comes to public knowledge. Those who bought time after that discover are in for their own risk or are whales trying to get an advantage because of the buybacks that were happening.
Buybacks are a problem, they should be stopped already, they are only wasting our treasure balance and making whales make profit !

Second of all, remove from [@0xSifu] wallet all the $BSGG tokens and other funds and distribute them to long time holders that were holding by at least 2 months and before the [@0xSifu] scandal come to public.

Give us detailed information about the Cross The Ages investment and BSGG.

Payback the full investment for time holders i am not even saying with rebases. For example if you bought 1 Time at 8k$ and they never sold give them back 8k$ in MIM/BTC/ETH or other asset that the treasure have that have a real value.

For those who got liquidated below the backing price demand to @danielesesta to pay them with his personal wallet since he have money to buy a bored ape he have time and money to pay them back. If he doesnt sell or borrow against his bored ape.

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Also if there is not enough money to make the payment above the backing price deploy mechanisms like locked periods/ tax sell for those who want to sell (whales) and start giving revenues to the holders a % per day over a couple months until we all get our money back and pay us the cross the ages nft game and BSGG and then after that if @daniele wants to quit after that he can disolve the treasure and the project, his proposal as it is its just a quick way to get away with responsability !

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