Anyway i can re stake my time to get memo and wrap it?

Hi im really new here. I panicked and unstake my memo to time. Now did my research and wanting to get stake so i can get memo and will wrap it. Please help.

Hi ganggang,

What you would need to do first is stake your TIME. Doing this will get you $MEMO.
When you have MEMO, there is a button at the top of the dashboard on Wonderland called “WRAP”
Click that and you can convert your MEMO into wMEMO

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Hi rocko, thank you for that info. I tried that but it won’t let me stake my TIME again. Unstake my memo to time approx 15hours ago. But until now it wont let me stake again. Not sure whats happening really.
Hope to get someone to help me.

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Thanks. So basically, $Time is still required and needs to be staked, right? Is there still market for $Time?

What is the transaction ID for your unstake. I’ll try to help

Hi gonenuts,
Yes that’s the big question im trying to figure out if wonderland is still allowing anyone yo stake time so i can get memo then wrap it.

$TIME will always be here. It’s just that the focus will be on wMEMO.
See here: Memo or wmemo?

There is still a market for $time but not much liquidity so if your in the $time/$mim pool on traderjoe, you’ll get less $mim then you would if you traded in the $wmemo/$mim sushiswap pool

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TransactionID: 0xc3c75483a862bb8d1b37d23ef3310a4f98eaf4039f4b2822e4fd729d01dc0a24

Sorry, I cannot find a “Wrap” button.

Im blessed, you guys are amazing. Hope to get answers aswell

@GoneNuts you might have to use a desktop or laptop

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turn your phone sideways.

I’ll try the desktop

Everything looks good in your wallet, ready to be staked.
Try disconnecting from wonderland, then disconnecting your MM.
log back in everything and try again.

Is Memo pegged to wMemo? I mean, you you always get the same ratio no matter when you wrap/unwrap?

![image|375x500](upload://ni@rocko_3_3 SewpX6LmJBk18jcRUYAp.jpeg)
@rocko_3_3 i tried that maybe this image helps . This is in queue i tried logging out and logging back in. Wont help