APYs paid out from token buy-backs

Thoughts ? I was thinking this could be a good idea to improve long term sustainability.
For example - you stake 1TIME for 1-12 months (penalty for early withdrawal in the form of TIME). The longer you stake , the more “weight “ you have in the ‘pool’. This means long term holders will be rewarded more = extra incentive to hold. Rebase payments however can be taken out (passive income).

Rebases can be released once a week from a ‘buy-back wallet’.
Say at the end of the week Jenny staked for 12 months, and Paul staked for 1 months - Jenny would get 12x the amount of rebase rewards vs Paul

Thoughts ? :slight_smile:

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I don’t support these kinds of changes to a 3-month old project. The APY is sufficient reward for staking long-term. Unless the price of TIME drops to backing price, I don’t believe the protocol does any buy-backs anyway?

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your contribution is awesome. I believe buy backs should be paid for by those who decide to exit their position especially if they could be considered a whale. and tokens that are bought back should be burnt. that way they will never be put back in the eco system and price is held stable.