Aren't we losing track on why we went with this DAO in the first place?

This is my first thread here, so if I am doing it wrong, feel free to kick my ass :joy:

Anyway, I think most of the long term holders in this DAO were attracted to Wonderland by its original system and the Vision Dani had for it. The first months it worked fine and then the FUD started, which I am not getting into all over again. My point being that Dan’s vision never got a real shot and I still believe it is a good plan and once we trusted that plan.

I suggest we do what we came here for in the first place and see that plan through. The Vision as it was laid out recently by Dani is solid in my opinion and adding SIfu back into the mix won’t hurt either.

We came here for what Daniś Vision offered, I suggest we let him see it through.

For those who don remember I am talking about:

The Vision

For months Daniele has been talking about his vision for his protocols.

On December 24th, Daniele tweeted a draft of his plan:

  1. Sushiswap as the Multichain AMM & DEX (two separate things)
  2. Abracadabra will allow liquidity to be deployed across all meaningful pairs cross-chain
  3. Popsicle with leverage and tech will allow to execute always at the best price MIM pairs relative to any other market
  4. Wonderland will funnel growth and invest earning from the ecosystem. 2022 will be amazing, and trust me on this, I’m 1000% to make all of this happen.

P.S. I think it would not hurt if Dani showed his face in here every once in a while :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That vision is dead.

All a pipe dream at this point.

I joined in January, I didn’t get involved here for the same reasons as the OG holders did at all.

Not sure what this means ? :sweat_smile:

I’m not sure that this version of his vision is what attracted many investors to the protocol to be completely honest. There were several significant changes in the overall vision/direction for the project that it’s complicated for me to even picture what this version would mean for WL holders.

The DAO needs to sign off on anything he wants to push forward and in order for that to happen, we need to understand how we (WL - not the Abra ecosystem) benefit from his proposal in tangible, fact-based, and immediate terms.

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