Auto Claim and Staking For mints

I have seen countless proposal about how we should stop hoppers and i have been strongly against them. In fact i come with a proposal that will help the hoppers and therefor the protocol itself.
It means you can take a mint discount , but you dont have to actually claim and stack yourself, it will be done automatically. You can choose in the Auto-Bot how long before rebase to claim , and up to what gas fees the bot accepts the claim and stack. It can be done by a smart contract so you dont have to accept it everytime , only once.
Example :
I mint 0.2 Time , i want it to claim and stack always 10 min before rebase IF the gas fees are under 0.015 AVAX. If the AVAX fees are 0.016 10 min before rebase , it will not claim. but if in these 10 minutes it goes under 0.015 it will claim and stake.

Will something like this be possible or is there a tech barrier for this ?


I like the idea but I think the dev team will likely work this in on the website refresh when it happens just to keep the competitive edge sharp great suggestion buddy


Actually a nice idea for once.
+1 would love to know if something similar could be made.
Thanks for curing the depression I get seeing some posts in here


I like this I would vote yes

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