Backing price is dumb or is it?

Obviously the current system of the backing price is not working. Why is it not working? Because there’s nothing preventing these whales from pushing the price down so they can buy low and then sell high when the backing price is honored.

We need taxes on selling! Or buying. This is the reason that node networks are more successful.

This is not going to deter whales entirely. It will deter the bad whales and leave us with the good whales.

The longer you hold the less you are taxed when you sell. I would like to see in the comments hold times and tax rates that people think are good.

Buy tax or sell tax? Same thing. Put that stuff in the comments. I believe that these taxes are the future of the success of this protocol and should be extremely important going forward. Obviously the taxes go straight into the treasury to distributed amongst the people for revenue share.

If we have these taxes then the backing price can be honored and it will actually work and whales will not be able to exploit it so well :smiley:

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