Battle of the DAO's

Hello world,

we are a team of web3 DEvs from the cheapeth network and are making a game for all the DAO’s and crypto projects to come together in a friendly
battle to entertain the community in a way that will make it chill to be involved in each other’s projects. By entering the game, you will be buying
a community NFT that will allow the whole community to sign in and play against other project to earn points and upgrade there NFT! the
winning community will get %10 royalties of each other projects NFT, as the game itself will buy back all the NFT’s at the end of each round.
as more communities join there will be more royalties to earn this is why we propose only selling the NFT once we get 5 projects to commit, and game is ready. If we do not succeed in building our game and recruiting at least 5 communities, then we do not want your money! what we do want is solid support from the DAO members so please let us know what you think in the comments THANKS!

Also, there will be 1 NFT each round that we are not buying back and that is the community that comes in LAST this NFT can be put up for sale to the public but will not be bought back buy the game itself this is how we make money!


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