BONUS rewards for LONG time holders

It seems like SIFU will stay in his current role which I think is only beneficial for wonderland & TIME holders!

With that being said I think it would be an awesome idea for wonderland investors to get bonus rewards from the trades SIFU makes with the treasury if you hold your TIME/MEMO & don’t unstake it.

For example, if you hold your TIME for 1 month & don’t unstake it, you will receive a % in airdrops from the profit the treasury makes. However not in TIME tokens but in the tokens from the trades SIFU makes (so for example BTC, ETH, CVX, ICE, SPELL,…)

  1. This will reward loyal frogs who keep their money in TIME & keep their trust in the Wonderland team (Daniele, Sifu,…)
  2. Volatility of the TIME price will not affect loyal frogs that much anymore bc they will receive other tokens due to their long-term trust in the project.
  3. This would stand out even more with other DAO projects, marketing-wise I think this can be a great tool to attract new investors for the long hold & not investors with a cash & grab state of mind.
  4. Maybe even the volatility of TIME price will be more stable bc more people will hold their TIME & in a bear market holders get rewarded with a diversified portfolio in return.
  5. Lots of people invest in Wonderland for that ‘‘passive income’’. Now holders can get that passive income by selling the other tokens you will receive but keep our TIME/Memo staked.
  6. The moment you unstake your TIME/MEMO, you aren’t able to get those airdrops anymore and need to wait for example in this case 1 month again to be able to get back in ‘‘the airdrop program’’.
  7. The market cap & treasury should also benefit from this process because more funds will stay in Wonderland.

To conclude: I think 99,9% of the people who invested in wonderland know that SIFU is way better in making trades in the crypto world than themself. So let us little frogs benefit from that :wink: !

Also sorry for my English, it isn’t my main language. I’m not an expert in crypto or DAO but I do run a successful digital marketing agency, so marketing-wise I think this really would benefit Wonderland to stand even more out from the DAO crowd and attract new investors!

Have a WONDERfull day everyone!


colony already has this idea.