Bottlecapman for Treasury Management

Bottlecapman for Treasury Management

I understand where Wonderland is right now, it is hard for the community to find another qualified candidate after Sky retires his official position. Personally, I see this as yet another transitionary phase for Wonderland and its direction. I see the fact that we are losing someone who is reasonably expected to delegate the assets of the Dao on its behalf as the true major obstacle to overcome.

My previous two posts here on the forum have concerned two fundamental concerns of the Dao. The first being group leadership and community infrastructure and the second being Dao dependent investing management. I believe if we develop ourselves and share responsibility for the use of the treasury, we will position ourselves much stronger in the future, to whatever length.

I think it is important for a treasurer in this position to realize the industry it purely represents. We exist in the veins of decentralized finance. Its fate is our own. If we do not support mutual growth, we support our mutual demise. As a VC, rev share, treasury protocol, that is currently responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars’ … We must play the right role.

It is arguably more important to establish ties with other Dao’s, communities, and creators in this arena than it is for us to achieve any given level of directional profitability from the treasury. I also do not think it is wise to trade actively with hundreds of millions of dollars. Our money should sit like a rock where it falls. And if the right individual or team presents themselves as a candidate to actively manage directional positions or so on, then the Dao can make whatever decision it deems best, just as is currently happening with the Dao’s determining of Sifu’s SV investment vote.

My hope as Wonderlands treasurer would to be responsible for everyone’s success and benefit and no one’s loss and failure! I am certainly no equal to Dani, Sifu or Sky in terms of experience or professional exposure as far as crypto currency asset management goes, but I believe my knowledge and ideas are suited to fill the current role the position requires.

I will make amendments and improvements to this post after the community has had a chance to discuss specifics and provide any feedback. Cheers to you, we royal degen’s.

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Even though this guy running against me.

100% GREAT THAT Bottelcapman is RUNNING!


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