Bridging Wonderland Fund Into Real Estate and Student Debt

Hi guys,

I’d like to propose that we use some treasury funds to to create a self-repaying debt protocol. I know this sounds super naive but please keep on reading.

Whether in the US or in the rest of world, there are 2 main things people in the middle class usually want:

  1. Home ownership
  2. Affordable education

In many countries, in order to get either one, you have to be willing to take on debt. And for many, these debt are paid off slowly or can cripple them for years.

So how does TIME come into play?

First, we help people with good credit buy their homes by using treasury funds. Basically the buyer first needs to get a loan approval from TIME. Once the buyer finds a home within their budget, TIME gives the buyer the funds to buy the home in one shot. Then the house is refinanced and the capital is invested in high-yield protocols in the cryptoverse. Part of the profits are sent back to the buyer to help him pay back the loan faster. The rest of the profits stay within the TIME protocol for further investments and growth.

The same concept can be applied for student loans. Once a student is approved for a loan, they can transfer the capital into TIME, which will manage the funds into high-yield investments, and in exchange TIME gives back some of the profits so that the student can live off of it while the debt is slowly getting paid off. By the time the student graduates, the debt will most likely to be completely paid off.

The reason why I believe this is doable is the following:

Mortgage rates are usually between 2-4% and as you already know, high-yield investments in cryptoverse are much higher. And even the safe and conservative plays where you just stake stablecoins can get 6-15%. Student loan rates are around 2-4% as well.

TDLR; Found a way to legally unlock massive amounts of capital to be invested into crypto while helping solve real life problems

The Pros of making this happen:

  1. more exposure to retail investors
  2. more frogs join the movement
  3. more efficient wealth redistribution among the population

People will be able to become homeowners again and much sooner than before and students can go back to graduating without crippling debt.

Both mortgages and student loans are industries worth trillions of dollars. So TIME would basically MOON if not shoot into another galaxy.

Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts about this. This idea came to me when I found these guys over at


That’s a great idea, utilize self paying loans to buy property. I think it would be a great tool to renovate blighted areas. Ive also been thinking about pegging NFTs to investment properties, making gentrification cool again :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


The whole DEFI 2.0 is pretty new and it needs time to be proven. IMO OHM and TIME are the only ones deserving investment ATM. I think everyone involved will acquire a lot of experience and hopefully a lot of money if it works out.
However, when it comes to pegging real world stuff, basically stuff that you cannot afford to lose, property and education, to this endeavor, its too early for that. Lets not get ahead of ourselves.


Amazing idea in theory, but like others have said, I don’t know if we are there yet.

I think opportunities like this could be what sets us apart from just being suits in a frog’s costume. Tackling serious issues to help communities around the world is as frog as you can get, but we need the money to get there first and we’ll need proper processes to be established to make sure these things aren’t abused somehow.

Thanks for the proposal. Though I see the need for these services, I agree with some of the comments above. This may be a little too early to bridge the treasury with real things like real estate and student loans. Legality, especially in US, will be a nightmare to go through, and I have a feeling most people in power will not understand and will not approve of this.

We should do more of what we can for now, to grow treasury, and build projects on blockchain and maybe come back to this in 1-2 years. I hope that in time we will come back to this proposal and actually vote on it, I’ll definitely vote for the proposal when the time is right.


Hell to the no… That sounds like some democrat bs.

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I definitely like the idea of real estate, we could literally buy an entire condo and make the money of of renters. the problem with this is we need to hire people full time to manage these assets. Who would we appoint to manage this stuff and how much do they get paid.

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Hard pass. This isn’t a charity, it’s an investment. We should be gunning for maximum ROI without exception. Student debt and blighted areas (which both carry high risk and low reward) are not our concern.

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I think the real estate idea may have some merit; imagine purchasing real estate for the sole purpose of hosting a node…

I can really see a cool capstone project in my head…
The concern isn’t funding this project because the potential is definitely there but rather how to create the funds for this endeavor.

let us not try to spear the problem but rather find a solution.

If I were to try to leverage wonderlands potential for funding I would investigate funding by means of running validators… I would ask:

which protocol had the highest payout for my $ ?
how many nodes will be acquired?
how much does it cost for a server needed to run x amount of nodes?
how many servers needed?
how much power does my server need to run?
cost of power needed to run server?
how much would it cost for a back up battery?
where is the land?
cost for land?
what if it was run on the grid vs solar vs wind vs generator or hybrid?
how will the system be safe?

I think this could be a step in the direction to start a journey for this project to at least have a start…