Bridging Wonderland to BSC to Increase Exposure

Should Wonderland look to bridge to BSC to increase exposure to more users on the second largest chain.


im hoping that will come with the sushi swap takeover and the completion of popsicle on avax. I could be completely wrong though. I agree bridging to more chains will helps the project gain a lot better exposure. some people have just assets locked up. it would be smart to do this and buy into the stablecoin-time and stable coin-avax LPs that are available for the bridge. some of those crosschain LPs on popsicle are making 120+ APR thats autocompounded. the more stable coin LP’s connecting to avax and time the treasury is invested in the better. it keeps pathways to and from the project open (reassuring buyers) and it adds 50% SOLID non changing value to the backed price (which has a great positive feed back loop on effect because of the TIME’s value in the treasury’s LPs) while still being a money maker on our market floods/vacuums. and we should get Ice…lots of Ice and sushi when the takeover happens. invest in ourselves