BSGG airdrop + compensation

A lot of credibility has been lost in the past few days. Where as many promise have been made and not kept. In turn we have lost many supporters.

As we work on rebuilding wonderland 2.0 and acquiring new management team we should go ahead and airdrop off the most recent WMemo, memo, time holders.

This incentive will get rid of doubt and fear in frogs and start to clear up confusion.

As of being compensated for liquidation; I feel this to be omitted. There is big risk in using leverage. No one has ever been compensated for liquidation so it should not start now. This will teach and grow frog nation, however I believe small percentage should be paid to current wonderland holders for hodling longer than a month.


Yes, that good and please could somebody post with clear instructions where the airdrop will go and how to set up the wallet if we will receive anything other than TIME, MEMO or AVAX.

If the we go through with the previous airdrop details, it would go to the wallet where you had your tokens at the time of the snapshot. Nothing to do to prepare.

Many thanks for the clarification.

Common guys, This should be the first promise to fulfill after all this drama, just to ease the tension and build some trust.

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It was already mentioned in Dani AMA yesterday that his first priority to fulfill the airdrop that was promised. So he is working on it.

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Very important to rebuilding trust and letting frog nation we are working for them and we do hear them. This will eliminate massive FUD. While proposals on 2.0 is finialized.

It’s the only way to clear tension and it’s a simple process. Easy as 1 2 3

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As frog nation we support our own.

What is the date of the snapshot?

Was hoping no one would ask lol… Had to dig through Discord.
Jan 10th 8:00pm GMT.

Is there a more recent one? I swear there was one done on the 28th. Best to have most recent snapshot and then set date for airdrop after figuring out percentages of rewards.

Well there has been different snapshots, but that one was for the BSGG Airdrop that was promised at that time. Some would say changing it now would be unfair and would benefit the FUD of not keeping “promises”.

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Actually he said “As soon as possible”, so who knows when that will be. Is that just not a click of a button, after all it was promised a long time ago?

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Definitely not, 10th Jan would be acceptable, if not earlier! Between 10th and 28th Jan (which you mentioned) the price had dropped 90%!!! The airdrop was intended for the earlier investors. 28th Jan could not be considered early by any standards.

So two airdrops.

One would be based off Jan 10 th snapshot. That would reward holders with Bsgg tokens.

And another airdrop based off recent snapshot as a form of loyalty token. Those who stayed after FUD.

I don’t remember whether anything was promised for later or not. Perhaps you could cite it here?

Betswapp token drop has been delayed due to collecting addresses of people holding MEMO in farms. Devs were taking time to be sure they got everyone. I feel like it might be a good idea to drop it to the easy ones, then work on the “harder to get to” addresses. Just a thought.

In your Metamask, you will go to AVAX network and “add token” at the bottom of the page. The address for the AVAX BSGG is

And you click on the “copy address” for the token on the right side of this screen. (Image included to show you what it looks like.)

Official Betswap token address links:

ETH - (BSGG) Token Tracker | Etherscan

FTM - $0.0018 | (BSGG) Token Tracker | FtmScan

AVAX - (BSGG) Token Tracker | SnowTrace

BSGG token should be dropped now. Focus on harder ones as we move along. We don’t have any reason to withhold tokens. Build trust back with community is very important as we work on proposal for 2.0

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Many thanks for your help, the set up worked after a few tries. Let’s hope we get that promised BSGG airdrop soon!

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Agreed, build back trust.

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