Building a virtual Wonderland destination & metaverse

Hello fellow $Time hodlers. Wanted to get the community’s thoughts on using some of the treasury budget to build a Wonderland virtual destination, kicking off with a metaverse based event/concert for Wonderland and music fans alike!

What kind of destination?: a Wonderland themed metaverse with avatars, chat and a dope 3D world to hang out in and explore (while we wait for rebases :p). We build web based, metaverse concerts and experiences for artists and brands and would love to create a one of a kind experience with Wonderland as well!

The concert/festival: This would be the launch event, a cutting edge experiential marketing event in partnership with a dance/pop/hiphop/whatever genre artist. The tickets could be bought with $Time and we could “Wonderland theme” the world along with the artist(s) creative and host a concert for the community, the artist’s fans and drive some killer PR. We work with the best of the best out there when it comes to music artists so we can pull in some big names, or more niche ones, we have a ton of relationships. The tech is super flexible so we could integrate all sorts of interactions (merch/donations/mini games etc) so the sky is the limit! Heres an image from an events we did in 2021 Imgur: The magic of the Internet

This event, as well as the persisted community metaverse, would bring huge exposure to the project both in the crypto-verse and beyond, bringing new audiences in from all over the world.

For discussion: Would you enjoy a more immersive or gamified world to hang out in with other hodlers? What kind of artists or event would you all enjoy? How could we integrate Wonderland and staking into the mix? What kind of features would you like to see in a world and festival of this type?


THIS! Get some KPop artists to perform, and that would blow the roof of Wonderland. Also a great proof of concept for the possible integration with other live music events that Daniele has mentioned.

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Is that Justin Bieber and his peaches? Lol. It would be really great to have a persistent metaverse destination like this, that could also bring about NFT uses, which would provide even more utility to $TIME.

And the marketing exposure would be phenomenal with the right sized talent. Let’s get this going asap.

Could we get Justin Bieber x Wonderland? That would be huge. I saw he did a virtual concert recently.

I don’t think we should rush on that, if we gonna have somthing like that it needs to be perfect, we need to extract the Wonderland feeling from literally Alice in Wonderland and it is too hard to accomplish it in a rush.
I wouldnt be able to spend 10 minutes in the event that you showed us and I’m not even being rude.

definitely important to put time into this. and like mentioned earlier, creating a persistent destination like this would be incredible for the Wonderland community. with ephemeral events, that could constantly evolve the space.


I would like to flip it: Could we sell collectible NFT tickets on Opensea or a big exchange? Each NFT ticket has .004 TIME (or whatever amount we decide) attached to it? Bring in new hodlers to stake with the project?

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