Buy $20million in Avax

Hey guys, I want your opinion on something… but before I ask, I believe it would be in all of our best interests to continue building profit for the DAO and for the treasury… I honestly am no professional by any means but I have been a successful arbitrage trader for myself on other projects. I see an opportunity that may (or may not) be the best time to purchase more Avax with the treasury. Early December, Daniele did a really smart thing and sold a lot of the Avax we had (6,438,117 Avax) and put it in to stables like USDT, USDC, ETH and then converted the stables to MIM) This was an amazing play because soon after the market began crashing.

I believe very soon (not yet) would be the time to reallocate some of those funds back in to Avax. Currently, i am seeing an upward triangle-wedge forming on Avax indicative of lower support levels. This Level won’t drop much, and I’d say the target zone to buy more to gain a little profit for the treasury would be $20,000,000 @ $56-$62 per Avax. This will only take a few days to reach target zone so I hope we can get a discussion going.
If we can make a series of smart play right now, we can generate enough wealth to discuss with even more security about a “Rage-Quit” option


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