Buy Betswap (Different Management Team & Reputable Investors) Can be $2B Company by Market Cap

To all of those Time holders, what do you have to lose. If treasury gets liquidated buy Betswap. It has different management team and reputable investors. BTW Deflationary Tokenomics & going global. Can be a $2b MC…


I’m still waiting for my Betswap airdrop that was promised.




Manoj Narender Madnani



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When you see the


product it will change the equation. Have been a sponsor and investor from the beginning and this is the real deal. Keep the faith please Folded hands

Betswap is not even on the map, early stage product.
It’s real, until otherwise noted, investment companies based in silicon valley & Dubai. If it turns out to be a ponzi fugazzi, then as with all ponzis early investors usually reap rewards. Happy trading or investing, the penny stock venture continues. :laughing:

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