Can anyone explain in simple terms what to do with Memo?

Hi there, I staked my Time for Memo some months ago and I just went back to look at it. Then I saw on Twitter that there was some airdrop of Bscs coins or something and I need to wrap my memo and stake it again for more Bscs. What is this new coin? How do I add the Bscs to my wallet? How do I know if I received the airdrop? What happens if I just leave my Time staked and let it keep accumulating regular Memo? What is the Bscs used for? How do I wrap my Memo? I am so confused by everything, please help.

I’ll make an attempt to explain it:

You purchased time and staked it. For staking it you received the same ammount in memo as you staked time. Memo can be viewed as the receipt for you staking Time. So far you get it, keep this in mind.

Betswap is one of the ventures Wonderland invests in which has its own token called BSSG. There was an airdrop of BSSG a while ago worth $ 17 I do not know if you can still get it but if it is still available you should login to the Wonderland site ( ) and see a banner at the top if there is click it and you will receive the airdrop, if it isn’t the opportunity is no longer available.

Now you know what BSSG is back to your Memo. This we can wrap and when we wrap it we call it wMEMO so we know it is wrapped. Wrapped MEMO can be staked again in the “Farm” section of the Wonderland site. When you stake your wMEMO there you will be receiving more BSSG tokens.

What you have now is Time/Memo rebasing inside your wrapped wMEMO while you are also getting a stream of BSSG tokens.

Those BSSG tokens you can swap for other coins on Sushiswap or hang on to them as they are bound to go up in value because Betswap has not officially launched yet.

Hope this makes it a little easier to grasp :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :+1:


This explains everything, thank you!!!

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On the Farm section -staking more wMEMO-

Staking requires a locking time, or it is free unstaking process? Thanks

Free to unstake or harvest anytime

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