Can we get some kind of pie chart showing Wonderland asset allocation

Just wanting to get a general sense of where we are at today. We see the TMP’s coming out and mentioning “WL still has a lot of unallocated stables”, but that doesn’t really tell the big picture. And, while the TMP’s may be concise, it’s like listening to an engineer explain where you are when you are lost…like they tell you EXACTLY where you are (lat/long, precinct, etc.), but you still don’t have a friggin clue where you are.

And if you’re going through the trouble of doing that, you might as well figure out a way to visualize this throughout time. A gif showing how the progress has changed through time , and perhaps a bit of discussion would be nice, and perhaps foster greater participation.

Can I get a hell yeah!

This dashboard didn’t pass, but definitely down for round two voting.

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