Candidature to Head of HR in Wonderland

Today’s hot topic is the post in this forum about the mods being paid 30k per month (3125$ each), tax-free, clean money.
It’s absolutely required for the project to pay its mods, but let’s be honest: it’s too much.
I bet 95% of the people here, having lost a significant amount of money, earn half of that salary in a month.

There’s a problem with communication and a clear detachment from reality.

I work as head of hr for a multinational company in real life. Not very, very big, but still bring home more than 10m$ per year.

I’m used to finding the right resources, putting them in the right spot, give them the environment to succeed.
I know how to talk to them and how to manage them. Most of all, I know what the right retribution is and how to discuss this with them.

I propose to hire a Head of HR (it could be me or not) for 1500$ per month.
His/Her role will be to discuss their duties, tasks, salaries, timesheets, etc.
If mods jump out of the boat because they want 3k per month, the Head of HR has to find new ones.

In my ideal world, Wonderland will have ten mods connected 6 hours per day, in more timezones, at 1500$ each per month.


His role? Some HR rep you’ll make… What is a woman not good enough or smart enough to handle it?

edited it, thank you pal

We dont need head of anything, we need a team and the current moderator team is enough as it is. Alice is doing her job and I dont see why we need anybody “directing” her. Btw, they are asking 25K mim per month for the whole moderator team, just so you know. And it’s not tax free, they should pay tax if they get that money. And dont compare them with the 95% of us who are currently 90% down. We are doing our work elsewhere getting paid. The mods have to sit in front of the PC getting crap comments from all of us, right now, for free.

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