Can't join discord.. Please help

Hey, I can’t join the discord. Any help on this will be highly appreciated

What is your Discord ID ?


Thank you so much :heart:

Try again ? Seems like you were stuck in the verification process.

Thanks! All good for now, in the tadpole pond
So let’s see

It’s kicking me out again

If you are using mobile, make sure your app is up to date.

You can also try another method like on PC try with a different browser

Okay I will look into it when im back from work

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yeah, it’s the same thing for me too. Tried it on two pc’s and my phone, even with the invite, it doesn’t work, I think that, from what I was researching the ips are banned for no reason, my discord is bazinni#2672 and it’s brand new. tried it on different servers and it works except this one, it keeps saying unable to accept invite

I have the same problem with Discord. My Discord ID is Dragon100. Please help.

@bazinni If your account is less than a week old, our anti-raid bot is going to ban you. You’ll have to wait before joining. Putting a profile picture also helps.

@Dragon100 See above, if it doesnt apply, you should be good now.

thank you kindly sir, it worked : 3

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Dragon100#5866 is my Discord ID. Please help.

I have whitelisted you, can you try again ?

Not working for me too : metalx #9636

What does it say when you try to join ? I dont see you anywhere.

Says invite invalid when I click on the link

There a few thing you can try.

If in mobile, make surr your app is up to date.
You can try on PC with different browsers.
VPN can help in case of an IP ban (if using one change location)

If none of this works, do you have another account that might be banned ?

I think I may have failed verification while trying to enter the Wonderland Discord. Is there a way for me to try again? (Hapaxio#3629)