Cant Join Discord - Whooops

Everytime I try and join the discord it says, whoops - unable to join discord. This has been happening for 2-3 weeks now and It’s annoying because I have no idea whats going on with this project. I’ve been a holder since Nov last year. Can someone please help me get back in?

What’s your discord username?

Hi yaksha, my discord username is: to_tha_moon

Looks like you were banned by bot during raid, ban revoked, try joining again.

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same here and my account is brand new bazinni#2672

Same as above, you can now join the server ser.

Hi Yaksha,

The new invite worked, I was going through all of the verification and then I was on the start here page and all of a sudden the channel disappeared? I went back to twitter and clicked on the discord link and it’s now giving me the same (whoops - unable to join discord) msg again.

I don’t get it??

Seems to be conflict between 2 bots permission, I have inform our bot master to fix this issue for both you and Bazinni, it kept putting you two in raid party for some reason. Will ping you here once this issue has been resolved, sorry for the inconveniences.


@bazinni @crypto_time87 Try joining now, the perms should be fixed.

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I’ve never been able to join. I’ve been with the project since Sep 2021.
My discord username is M0RNING5TAR#4211

it keeps saying the same, tried joining from the actual website and from twitter

Thanks mate, I’m back in!

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Try this link please, you should be able to join now

One moment, we are checking, seems your account has been banned long time ago but there’s no message history we can track. Will inform you shortly.

You can join now ser.

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Thank you! Im in now.

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Hi i am suffering from the same thing, Victakerry is my Discord name

Do you have another account ? Cant find your name anywhere. That means that account is not banned.

I’m having the same issues as well, its says link expired. how can i solve this?

What is your Discord ID ?