Cant join Discord

Hi there
I have been trying to join the discord for the past couple of months, but keep getting the following error :
Whoops … Unable to accept invite

Please help me join so I can monitor the updates.
At the moment my only source of information is delayed by looking at youtube.
My discord ID is : jvbccc#5846

Will look into it. Have you been in the Discord before ?

Last year I was able to enter the discord and there was a bot that wanted me to click on something and then wait for a certain amount of time.
I clicked and waited, but after about 3 hours my PC shut down.
When I came back and went back to discord and tried to enter the discord again it started giving me that error.
Since then that error is all I see.
I am signed on to other discords, just not wonderland.

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What about now ?

Wow thanks.
Whatever you did allowed me access.
Thanks a lot for your help

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