Can't Join Discord

Unable to join discord. It shows error.
“Messages failed to load.”


I see you are already on the server, have you click the check mark for the rules to complete verification?

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Looks like you didn’t verify, maybe try updating your app if that’s what you are using.

Hmm, i went in today, saw verfication link on left nav. It worked Thanks

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I can’t join either. Once I accepted the invitation it’s like an empty server.

In TIME since November and got literally no idea what’s going on

What is your Discord ID ?

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I just saw the rage quit vote. Not worried, don’t want to quit but these are the things I’m just missing

What does it look like now ?

If it works, in 72h you should be able to type /promote to move to the main channels

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Awesome, thanks mate.

I guess after typing /promote I get out of the new member chat?

That’s right! Normally gotta wait 72h, but I guess you’ve been there a bit, so unsure how long you need to wait if at all.

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