Can't join the discord

What about the telegram chanal??
That link is also expired if you have a valid link could you give it to me or just add me this is my phone number (0964 07719713153)

Telegram is no longer being maintained. Just full of scammers now.

Add me also, please. Bradu#4104

Done, tagged you in the new member chat.

Pls also add me to the discord gapaham#8575

Dont see your name anywhere, here is an invite:

I’m unable to join the discord channel, please help

What is your Discord ID ?

i am not able to join the discord as well
my ID is

Should work now

same as well
kept getting an error message when i tried to get verified

Just kicked you. What happens if you try again ?

Today I get the same message. Last week I could get to the verification page but then the problem was my phone number.

You should be able to join now.

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Hi, Unable to join discord
I have some queries, but unable to join the server.

Discord ID - SGOD#4771

Try again ?

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Hey noticed that others were going through issue. Was in server in the past, now I’m not. Discord handle Will_NFT_20#1111

Disregard, looks like I’m in. Had to leave server and go through the process again.