Can't join the discord


I tried to join the discord through the link found on the wonderland twitter, but I get an error message.

Would be nice if you could help me with this ?


Hey, can you provide your Discord ID ?

Hey, sure it’s : Sel#7737

Should work. Try this and if you get an error, can you post it ?


Unfortunately I still can’t accept I get the same error message :

What happens if you click “Join Wonderland” ?

Well nothing… I clicked first on Join Wonderland and it then it displays the “whoops… etc” error message.

If I click again there is a small loading but the I’ve the same message over and over again

How did I never reply back to this ? Can you try a VPN ?

Hmmm, @Vayu any ideas ?

It worked fine with a VPN thank you !
Never expected the need for one in order to simply join a discord :confused:

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Same here ive lost my original account ,
But now when i ask to join the server it makes me to verifiy my phone number and then i don’t get the sms verification

Hmmm, what is your Discord ID ?

The problem isn’t that i can’t join the server its that it askes me to get sms verification and for some reason discord won’t sent me the code to my phone number

Does it only do this for Wonderland ? Cause we don’t have a SMS verification set up.

I am in the same boat. Verification for some reason is not working for me. Please add me - Wasson#6447

Tagged you in Discord. Should be good now.

Hi. Almost same prob joining discord. When I go through verification it says my email is verified by them my US phone number is ‘invalid’. Are there other validation methods? Thanks in advance.

Discord ID bish#9168

Can you add me as well??
Blnd osman#4893

@bish As far as I know, the phone verification is a Discord thing, not Wonderland.

@Kozhin_osman I don’t see you being banned. What does it say when you try to join ?

This :weary:

Looks like your account isnt old enough to pass the anti raid bot. Try again in 3 days :confused: