Changing the Template and Design of the Website

Hey Guys,

through my own expierence aswell as reading a lot of comments in different videos I came to the conclusion that we need to change the design of the website.

Honestly, if I would not already be invested into the project and did my own research and would land on the website, I would immieditely think that is a scam.

That is by far not a good website. Not for a project almost holding 1B in the treassury and a project which want to surrive and attract new investors.

I highly suggest that we prupose for a completle overhaul in order to make the website more clearly structured, easy to navigate and to understand and most importantly, more trustworthy.

Here you will find a little suggesting made by a youtuber, however I would suggest a more drastic change. The whole situation and than having this sneeky smile from the cat does not make anything better! :wink:

What are your opinions on this topic? You agree or disagree?

Thanks in advance


There are already some post about this. I suggest you provide your feedback on them so they can get more traction.

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