Clarification about missing 170 mil from treasury

I think its about time we get some clarification on what happened to the 170 mil from the backing treasury that went missing in 2 steps over the last 2 days. first about 60 mil 2 days ago and then another 100 mil yesterday. thanks to this the backing dropped from 51k to 40k.

it cant be buybacks as buybacks would increase the backing.

its not the asset value of those assets inside the treasury as those hardly moved 5% over those 48 hours. what happened here? did sifu embezzle those like he did with quadriga?

those funds vanished from one minute to the next. and now we should get paid 40k for that merger? seems quite unfair that we should pay for this.


Indeed very important a live ama should be done to clarify to say the least.

Important to read this: Is an audit required? Absolutely. Full transparency is needed here

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