Close trading activities, put treasury to work to settle token holders

The proposal is we immediately lock all trading activity, use the original BSG snapshot of token holders, and value each memo issued and held (excluding Daniele and Sifu), at a price for separate voting.

For example only, we’ll say $2,000 per memo.

The treasury will then be locked continue to accumulate its current returns, until such time that it can buy back all memo at the agreed stable coin price.

Once the treasury has reached the target size that it can buy back all memo at $2,000 each, it will automatically buy back all memo/wmemo in exchange for a stable-coin, liquidating the treasury in the process.

The end result will be all token holders before the most recent shenanigans being settled at a lesser loss, and wonderland closed.


If you create uncertainty about which wMEMO holders will get a pay out people will rush for the exit. The price will dissolve, and your proposal won’t be accepted anyway.

If the team say that anyone can redeem at 5% below treasury price (just an example), no one will sell below that price. The price will stabalise.

There are lots of ways to stabalise the project quickly.

Shouldn’t be uncertain, you’d be included if you held on the date of the snapshot, could also include a second snapshot from today (or yesterday ideally) to also included anyone that got in after the first snapshot

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