Club Penguin but.... With frogs!

I remember how much I loved club penguin. The community, trading, playing mini games and building my own home!

I’m proposing that we create a club penguin type of computer game where the currency for the game is TIME. Members will be able to explore vast swamps, play different types of mini games (while betting on them), buy houses (tree logs), and collaborate with other frog members.

The process of joining would be similar to NFT’s. You’ll essentially mint a set number of tadpoles where once received will take a little bit of time to grow into a large frog. There will be different types of rarity levels depending on the frog that you have and time you’ve held it for. For people who missed out on the minting process there will be a marketplace where you could buy rare frogs or mint new ones that have random selection.

This is a rough draft but figured I could go more in depth depending on the traction this receives! Thanks! Also check out the small sample pic that I added below. It was a concept design that I put together.

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We already have a good idea for the game. You can focus your efforts on what is already there.

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