[CMP #9] - Redemption Roulette

[CMP #9] - Redemption Roulette

Some community members have asked for a redemption mechanism to be able to sell their Volta without slippage anytime and for a fair price. But what is fair price? Market price? Liquid Backing price? Full Backing Price? A mix?

Community member hiredgoons came up with a solution that is the most Volta Club thing ever. In his own words:
“Redemption roulette. Spin a wheel. 15% chance to redeem at full backing. 70% chance to redeem at liquid backing. 15% chance to go bust and donate it all to the house/treasury.”

Thank you hiredgoons. This CMP proposes the execution of this plan. The redemption option will stay open permanently for everyone.


[CMP #9] - Redemption Roulette

NalX: Posting on behalf of the OP on Snapshot.

Voting has now closed for CMP #9.

[CMP #9] - Redemption Roulette did not pass with 88.82% of votes opposed.