Colorful Renovation to Website UI.

Hey frens, wanted to share my thoughts on the website UI and start a discussion.

I have been a part of the Wonderland community since September and it’s been awesome to see this community grow alongside the protocol development. I love it here! Since joining, it’s been great to see both visual/UI, and functional improvements to the Wonderland website.

At the same time, I think the look/feel of the UI can be improved upon, and is due for some added polish. While this comes down to personal opinion, I think our protocol with now ~1.8b market cap deserves a more polished landing page and app page, setting up apart from others in the space with a unique look/feel.

While I have loved the cheshire cat graphic on our landing page, it has begun to feel outdated and a bit dark imo. “Wonderland” is a beautiful, colorful, magical place and I would love for our homepage/app look & feel to reflect this idea. Rolling green hills, beautiful flowers with a creative twist, frogs on lilypads, birds, bees, etc.

I feel as though the dark and minimalist look/feel misaligns with the idea of “The DeFi Wonderland”

The community here overall is truly wonderful; so many positive members helping others, having laughs, sharing memes and being frogs. Let’s reflect this sentiment with a colorful, magical look & feel!

I’d give it a shot if I have any experience in UI design. Would love to hear what the community thinks - do we like the current look/feel? Are we due for some polish/renovation? Do we like the idea of a colorful & magical… “beautiful” look/feel?


Hey there,

I haven’t really thought much about a change in UI because “we’re only at the beginning” [everyone in crypto 2021], but this is genuinely terrible reasoning for visuals. I’m not exactly a web designer but I do a lot of graphic design for marketing and I would argue that a good appealing interface contributes everyone!

A shiny UI gives comfort to newcomers since people will see that there’s been a lot of work put into the project and they will probably be more likely to stay around to be proved right by you guys :wink:. The current UI has robust utility, and I totally understand anyone who doesn’t want this inevitable change to come like when switching to a new OS (hell no I’m not “upgrading” to windows 11). But I’m sure we will be able to find a proper solution that fits everyone and accelerates the growth of our community.

What I can say for sure is that the current visuals convey a sort of eerie vibe - probably sort of intended since this is exactly what the cute kitty in wonderland seems like. I believe this is personal taste of the creator to catch others in this certain vibe which I can kind of relate to but don’t believe reaches many people in any sort of personal way. And this specific “sort of personal way” is what we should be looking into. We are emotional beings and we love what plays our emotional buttons so lets put things on the Interface that smashes said buttons!

Now I don’t entirely agree with a overly colourful theme, which may just be personal opinion since I like to stay realistic in terms of ecstasy being displayed. Colourful unicorns raining down on cute puppys and kitties amongst the vast treasury of Wonderland at the end of the rainbow may be pleasurable to look at but I personally don’t think that’s the way to go or the way it was ever intended - this obviously has to be discussed by the community thoroughly.

Additionally there will probably already be some kind of plans regarding UI? Would be interesting to hear! I’m not the most active guy especially since I’m relatively new to crypto so I have zero insight into the intended roadmap. But either way I think we deserve an upgrade on the UI and I’d be happy to help.



I’ve metioned this before but the site literally looks like something off the darkweb. I thought that was cool because I’m a childish degenerate. Most people will be put off by it IMHO

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I would concentrate first on getting the interesting data for time holders available… Time to next rebase, amount earned, rebase rate, current index etc…
Then I’d move onto the color palette. :slight_smile: I feel (totally. subjective) is too dark I’d go more into the Alicia in Wonderland + Frog Nation stuff with a bit more colorful ideas but maybe leaving a dark halo in the background.

My 0,02 Time cents.

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I work in advertisement, and the side is pretty dark for newcomers. As mentiones before, a more friendly and eye-pleasing interface might help a lot. On the other hand, I’m a ser of habits, and I’d love to keep The current “legacy” version, just to rememeber where we started, and how much we’ve grown since then.

More frogs are required.

Ps: If you guys need help with visual I’m open to help.

I like the spooky dark cat grin :frowning:

On the other hand, i know nothing about web marketing and “whats appealing for users”.

I get that and utility definitely should be first priority but while we’re at that it is not the world to add at least the foundation of a new look. I mean it’s not like we’re low on motivated people OR money for that matter. :slight_smile:

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