Come Together - Developing Wonderland for the Future

I get the sense people would rather propose idea’s and changes to the protocol that would ultimately serve themselves. When the goal should be to promote ideas and changes that benefit the protocol. If the protocol works, if the treasury profits because it is developed and designed in a way to be self sustaining and resistant to manipulation, market cycles, and the risks found in competitive markets; we all win.

It seems so many people are short sighted in the sense that they expect a solution to all of the problems before us to be fixed with the next WIP. when in reality we are still building our foundations,
Wonderland and Wmemo are available on ETH, AVAX, ARBITRUM, AND FANTOM.

But we are only developed on AVAX because of the staking Time/Memo/Wmemo…and Farming of course, everything else is just bridge functionality? what does this tell us?
That we have a lot more work to do! Rev share works on AVAX because of the fantastic BSGG play, but that is all we got right now!

We need to establish how rev share will work on WL ETH, WL FTM, and WL ARBITRUM, this is no easy task as earning potential rev share yield on each of these specific chains must be done in a way exclusive to that chain.

The rebases will continue pushing the price of Wmemo up if people continue to buy time, I do think we should make time borrowable down the road so that a collateralization factor can be implemented to help balance the insane apy caused by rebases.(and the function of rebases isn’t understood by most still unfortunately), but that all depends on how will utilize our protocol on each chain we are currently built on.

Step 1. Work with what we have, make adjustments as needed to build on top of what we have to work with.

Step 2. time the market while we develop, I would say ftm and arbit chains should be focused on after we handle rev share and any other type of implementation for our eth design. eth and avax should be the backbone in the immediate future, we have much more time to design what we want and need on chains like ftm and arbit.

Step 3. Once we develop the game plan for what to design on each of the other chains, we need to design and format a way to sync our cross chain protocol in order to maximize it’s decentralized productivity. How do we find a way to link our our multi chain functionalities in a way that further benefits the collective protocol as well as each of its pieces.

(A is good for X , B is good for Y, C is good for Z, X,Y,Z is good for ABC, and ABC is good for X specifically, ABC is good for Y specifically, and ABC is good for Z specifically.)

Anyway this is how I see our current state of affairs, and I believe this is a good way to continue developing our protocol without bottlenecking ourselves to any single avenue of profit or success.

Would love to hear thoughts and I always welcome criticism.
Thank you for reading.

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I think revenue sharing should work like cauldrons on abracadabra, investment on one chain generates revenue on that chain, and that revenue-sharing is accessible on that chain. One thing I think should be added is stable coin revenue-sharing on all chains.

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