Commemorative NFT for early stakers

We should make a commemorative NFT for stakers who participated in the first week of wonderland.


I think thats kind of a interesting idea, kind of a badge to show who the first believers are!

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I really cope with this idea!

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I was not involved at the very beginning, but I like this idea for you OGs!

Or even like commemorative NFTs for like at your first month of staking, second month etc. that way you’d have to hold onto your Time for a different lengths of time for different NFTs. The REAL frogs will have all the collectibles at the end of the project - if there is one (let’s hope not!!)


I think we should make it wider and better. I suggest to make it for everyone who stake for more that 90 days 180 and 365 days. The more time you leave your Time staked the higher value NFT you will receive. And we can add traits to the NFTs for people how invested in Wonderland for more uniqueness.


I like this idea a lot. It doesn’t punish rebase jumpers which are directly adding fee income twice to the treasury every eight hours. It could also be a good way to incentivize hodlers to hodl even longer. I like the idea of the NFT values increasing the longer you’ve been in. It’s a solid proposal. Nice work.


I like this one better, so more people are affected. Otherwise it would be benefitial to a handful of people only. Incentivizing long hold periods is a great idea

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I like the idea of custom NFTs for every 30 days you’ve stayed staked so that the longest frog staked has the rarest commemorative NFT. They can be even potentially redeemable later for games being developed on TIME so they have utility or just be art NFTs if Time wonderland gets some popular artists on other platforms to make a few JUST on time. This might even bring new people to TIME or introduce them to it.


I think this kind of rewards to Time diamond holders, Is a simple and cheap way to generate a team identity, and spread the word about the project, many would use it as a profile on all their social networks, and for many it would be their first NFT.
And even better if we do it like @Thegreasemachine said “commemorative NFTs for like first month of staking, second month, etc. that way you would have to keep your Time for a different time for different NFTs”.


This is a great idea but lets make it a 2021 badge instead for anyone here in the first calender year of time


I like the idea of NFTs for longevity HODLers. It’s no extra meaningful cost to the treasury and it encourages staking. I think NFTs that could interact with whatever RPG project they have planned would be a good start. I personally don’t give a s___ about gaming online, but I do like the idea of having a re-sellable item I could turn around and sell to buy more TIME with.


first movers never tire of winning :slight_smile: how about NFT for ‘chill and stake’ long-term holders

nudge players toward long-term hold, regardless if they got in first

like POAP proof of attendance protocol, especially holders for last 3 weeks haha

make NFT make community less inclusive, more inclusive

Tiered series of NFTs based on length of TIME hodling. Each period (quarterly?) could have its own readily identifiable color scheme or themed NFTs based on (Alice in) WONDERLAND characters…


I suggested before limited edition NFTs for holders who haven’t sold since the price started dipping.

I like the idea of time based NFTs though, like the guy above said.

It would have to be reset as soon as anything was sold though

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