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[RFC] - New Treasury owner

  • Option A - I will act as treasury owner
  • Option B - I will NOT act as treasury owner

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Name: [RFC] - New treasury owner

Hi I am James, a 36 year old working and living in the UK (no convictions :slight_smile: )

I am an Oxford graduate of 2008 from Mansfield college and have worked in top tier management consulting for 5 years following by 8 years intensive financial services work. I am a father of two and am in the perfect position to take over the treasury for Wonderland.

In terms of personal holdings, I have made consistent gains in the last 10 years from traditional and crypto investments and only invest where there is a risk weighted gain relative to the investment provided.

I am looking to grow the wonderland treasury at a minumum 25% per annum

can we vote to provide control to me from SIfu to ensure a well managed treasury to ensure the losses suffered by our community can be recouped in the coming months and years

thanks everyone. questions welcome

Scope: Summarize the subject matter that the RFC deals with

Link to previous [DAO Discussion]: “[DAO Discussion] - Your Title Here”

Objective: Summarise the main goal of the proposal. For Example: “Generate further returns for the treasury by increasing X yield”.

Provide a High Level Overview: Provide a basic and general explanation of the subject.

Provide Low Level Details: Describe more specifically individual components of the subject, focus on the details and present information in a structured way to help the community understand the proposal.

Business and/or technical requirements of the implementation of the proposal:
Present the requirements to implement the proposal.

Since an RFC is a “work in progress” Proposal, not all of these points need to be filled out from the beginning. They can be added over time as the RFC evolves into a mature Proposal.

Where are the most important link James Doe? like linkedin,facebook,tweeter…!!!

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