Community task delegation for Wonderland expansion, add utility to Wonderland & provide more hodl incentive:

Some aspects people could contribute to as to expand Wonderland, add utility to Wonderland and provide more hodl incentive:

  • Game Development : Budgetting, Interviewing Game Companies, Writing Game Design Document, Getting Quotas
  • Wonderland Launchpad development (provides hodl incentive for TIME): requires a knowledgable Solidity Developer.
  • NFT Collection design : requires good artist to design Frog Nation NFT collection (royalties go to the Treasury and are airdropped weekly)
  • Timelocked Staking contracts : rewarded with additional percentage of Revenue Sharing
  • Community initiative reward pool : Specifying a list of specific tasks which need to be executed and rewarding the community appropriately for taking that initiative.
  • Nyan Finance analogous Treasury & Investment management , where people vote swaps from Treasury from asset A to asset B which gets executed upon reaching voting threshold and proposal duration passing.
  • Twice weekly reports on Progress report: Treasury usage & To-Do list
  • Bonding-as-a-Service(BAAS) provision and accrue a 3% fee from Bonds purchased via Wonderland BAAS feature
  • Wonderland Incubator , incubate projects extensively, expose them to WAGMI ecosystem so the investments gain exposure.
  • NFT Utility is P2E Game
  • Extend utility of TIME & wMEMO to other projects : Lending & Borrowing, Multi-chain NFT Marketplace, Insurance, Multi-chain DEX.
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Please add a better way to make out of the discord conversations something that allows us to get out of the labyrinth in a more convenient way?

To say the least, that we would send some bots forward to resolve the impasses for us and thus be on the right track.

Any tool that allows us this? there are thousands of messages on Discord that it is not possible to read in addition to the many that do not contribute.

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