Continue Wonderland and reimburse the ones who want out

I strongly believe that we shouldn’t wind down Wonderland, but instead continue what we were doing in being the biggest DAO in the world. Not to long ago we had over a billion dollar treasury, and that was only in 4 months of operation. We were on the verge of doing great things, but the fud and drama has made us overreact, and now all of sudden we want to wind down the whole thing. But if we calm our emotions and really think about it, nothing has really changed. All we really need to do is fix the divisiveness in the community and find a trusted replacement to run our treasury.

So what I propose is that we first give the option for those who want out to be reimbursed their fair share from treasury in proportion to the wMemo they hold. All wMemo that they send back will then be burned :fire:. So what this does is significantly lower the supply of wMemo, but also flushes out the non believers from the true believers. Vastly improving our community moral and eliminating the divisiveness in the community.

Secondly we can decide whether we want to go back to the ohm model that helped us grow our treasury, or stick to the SPAC model. Since we will be reimbursing the ones who want out, our treasury will definitely be a lot lower. So I am personally in favor of going back to the ohm model that helped build our treasury to over 1 billon in 4 months, jus until we can refund our treasury, and then after rebuilding the treasury we can continue on to the SPAC model. In addition, since we will be burning all the wMemo that gets reimbursed, this should help with dilution that comes from minting new wMemo. But then again this transition back to ohm model will only be temporary until we can grow our treasury back.

Lastly, we should hold an election :ballot_box: for who will be the next treasury manager. All willing candidates would send their proposals to why they should be elected treasury manager, and then the voting will commence on snapshot for the candidates who sent proposals. With a newly elected treasury manager and Dani still at the helm, this should bring back faith and stability in the management of our treasury aswell as in the overall direction of the DAO itself. (In the scenario that there is no candidate that the DAO sees fit to run the treasury. I propose that Dani becomes interim treasury manager until we elect a new one)

Hopefully we don’t wind down Wonderland, because I feel like it would be a premature ending to something that has so much potential. This is my proposal to revive it and keep it going in the direction it was heading before all the fud and drama set it back. But I am fully confident that this proposal will be the making of the biggest comeback in crypto history.


I certainly hope not.

Draw a line in the sandbox

Exits for those willing to wave goodbye.

Then lock the doors with holders and really dig in and get the work needed through a team not 2 sketchy actors drama series.

No more whales maneuvers. Create contracts with penalties so you can build and plan on its road map and not get nuked in our sleep .

Not funny ….but Make a huge dao for the big dawgs . Higher stakes and rewards . Gold member only . 10k to just enter the platform … say all the crap they love to hear call it a Goldman fam etc etc etc .

Then rug those MF like they did us . Ask the treasurer how to pull it off then rug him politely.

Get some real and serious business people making the real and serious business moves . It’s not rocket science it’s just money :moneybag:.

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I totally agree. We should get rid of people who want out and keep going without the weight of people paddling against us

How do we get this to be voted on?

Do you have any idea how much I would take a reimbursement. Like, an actual reimbursement before I invested in this thing. That tells me how little faith I have in its future. It will continue to get rekt by whales, it will continue to promise airdrops and not deliver, this calamity will continue…

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If this will happen over time you will be able to sell your Memo then. No one is locking you in for life.

In English please? I get enough gibberish from Dani

I like this idea. I also think that, after burning, the majority of WMEMO used for fundraising should be minted at full price through the treasury to ensure we are pulling in people who are interested in supporting the community and building for the long term. Once we get the treasury back up (ETA 4-6 months), we can eliminate dilution and focus on creating better safeguards for Wmemo utility

Your in a bubble mate. Wonderland is radioactive to people outside this community. Yes…alot of the claims about rug pools and theft and what not are un substantiated…but at this point that doesnt matter. Best thing to do is use the frogs community to start a completely new project from the ground up.

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