Create a sub Wonderland DAO for tadpoles vs Frogs - NEW DAO

All Ohm forks have been getting wrecked by whales dumping and buying / sidestepping to avoid loosing money as people are taking profits. I realize this is a great strategy and if you are a trader its common sense to do so. However many people in Defi are not familiar with trading or with TA. So they only want to buy and HODL.

I propose a fork of the existing Wonderland DAO, specific for “tad poles” in this version I think the following criteria would be good for new tadpoles looking to become frogs in the nation

  1. Can not purchase more than 5k worth of the token
  2. Wallet address can not have more than 10k (USD Value) of Wmemo
  3. Staking/locking period similar to vesting periods.
  4. I.e. stake for 6 months lock-up get 100% of the APY, with a 10% reduction for each month less than 6
  5. Penalty for early withdrawal
  6. Minimum lock up 7 days
  7. Can only sell a maximum of 20% of total value every 24 hours

These are just some sample ideas that can be teased out and discussed on how to best implement. The main thesis is to allow a lot of new people into the wonderland ecosystem without the volatility and the assurance of a solid project that isn’t as easily manipulated by bigger more experienced players

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Seems like having the team run a 2nd project that is not following the goal of building the treasury would not help Wonderland as it stands. IMHO building what we have to a greater point of production would be more important.


Agreed with @Compass.

That said, you/someone could always fork Wonderland and do this on their own.

Don’t see the point in this… new investors become seasoned investors by weathering the real market and learning from their mistakes. You can just buy and hold Wmemo and come out on top in the long run.