Create a Wonderland Eco Village

A proposal to create a Wonderland farm where we employ locals to grow our own food and eventually create an ecosystem around it in the form of solar energy, water system, food production, food stores, maybe even an actual physical bank providing MIM loans and TIME savings accounts to those in developing nations.

TIME is money, but food is life, and according to COP20 parasites, they intend to collateralise the entire natural world and keep it for themselves under the guise of ‘protecting the planet’.

Instead of lining the pockets of corporations like McDonald’s who push garbage on an already unhealthy population, why not provide a way for the Frog Nation to become more self-sufficient so we don’t have to rely on the system for anything at all on or offline.

Imagine a global network of Wonderland Eco Villages backed by MIM and TIME.


Step one…make money. step two. Start farm to see your vision through no need for the treasury to subsidize things we can do as a community or by ourselves. While it is a noble idea the focus is currently on step one