Create value & silver lining with a musical metaverse/NFT recordings studio in Wonderland

Dear readers, great community of wonderful green creatures,

“It is the best of times, it is the worst of times." And indeed exciting times are coming up right now for Frogs in Wonderland. It’s also probably not the best moment to drop this idea, but here we are.

First of all, some music here to wish you all the best. I hope you like the song, it’s about frogs and much more. It illustrates, in my opinion, a greater truth: Music creates value. Real value. Because it creates hope, comfort, strength, inspiration and (i hope) with the magic of some Time & Wonderful Memories in Wonderland & Frequenzy Verse a filthy amount of money.

Because that’s my plan for 2022: to make musicians & their fans filthy rich and to create some silver lining for all of us along the way. Until now musicians did not benefit from streaming their music online. The invention of NFTs changed that. Connecting NFTs with the economic and game-theoretic dynamics of Wonderland can be the gamechanger.

Daniele mentioned in the conversation at the Avalanche House (October 2021) the plans with Wonderland to become the ecosystem of games. I think Wonderland can also become the translator that transforms music into value. I hope you like the idea and will participate and share in the success.

Music is a way to ease the troubled minds, that is why I like to invite you to the Frequenzy Verse, still somewhere located in the corners of my mind. It’s a strange place, I am fully aware of that, but it’s the only place where you can visit the pre-beta-version from the Frequenzy verse. It’s one of the best versions, because it’s located somewhere between a dream and a crazy plan.

Because the Frequenzy verse will be partly built on blockchain and mostly built on dreams, it’s still a mysterious place, enchanting. It’s a bit like the notorious bar from the Tarentino movie “From Dusk till Dawn.” Without the vampires of course. But a visit has to be a life changing experience.

So with no further introductions: Welcome to the Frequenzy NFT recordings stage for a magical Frog 'n Roll Show Extravaganza! (Imagine this I-was-there memory of this performance in the metaverse captured in a NFT) Finally we, music fans & musicians, can engage to enrich the world and ourselves. Literally.

A memorable concert is built from special moments that give value to your memories. We want to make from these memories a NFT recording series. Every metaverse concert we all will end soaked in music, wonderful memories … and NFTs. Because every concert will end with a NFT airdrop.

Each visitor gets a NFT that contains a combination of the song, artwork and images/video’s of the concert. And there are enough NFTs for everyone. But some are more rare than others. And we all know rarity creates extra value.

Of course the musicians also get NFTs and their rights as creators of value and music, this will be confirmed by the smart contracts.

What can you do with the NFTs except from enjoying the fact you are hodler of an epic piece of time & creativity?

NFT Record Store
You can ofcourse trade and collect your Recording NFTs. In the Frequenzy Verse there is an epic record store, a NFT marketplace where you can trade or find new treasures.

The Frequenzy Well for wellness and enrichment
The FrequenzyDAO (the rulers of the Frequenzy frog empire aka we, the musicians & music fans) will hold a collection of NFTs, a treasury, a well that will enrich you and music.

What can you do with a treasury of NFTs?
This treasury can be used by other users to create Mixtape NFTs. If you bring Axies together you get beautiful monsters, right? What do you get when you blend the best songs? By mixing your NFTs with the right NFTs from the Well and some token magic you create a unique mixtape with artwork. The right mixtape will also unlock a secret song. By adding your NFTs to the pool and providing liquidity you get LP tokens that you can use in other DeFi protocols at Wonderland. Or you can bring in NFTs as collateral and lend other NFTs or tokens.

The whole idea in a few words & a fancy infographic below:
The Frequenzy Verse built in Wonderland with:

  • NFT Keycards that give access to recording sessions in the Frequenzy verse where you get Recording NFTs.

  • Recording NFTs: 1 NFT contains 1 song with video/gif/artwork. Every NFT card holder that visits a recording session gets a Recording NFT. The Recording NFTs are not all the same, some are more epic and rare then the others.

  • NFT Recordstore : Here you can trade and collect recording NFTs, NFT Mixtapes, NFT artwork.

  • Frequenzy NFT DAO Treasury pool/well : You can add your NFT to a treasury pool to create liquidity in music & inspiration. As a reward you receive tokens that you can use in other DeFi protocols. Or you can bring in NFts as a collateral and lend other NFTs or tokens.

  • NFT Mixtapes : Others can borrow recording NFTs from the pool to create NFT Mixtapes. If you bring together 2 Axies under magic circumstances you get a new Axie, right? If you bring together Recording NFTs in the right combination with some magic making tokens you get a unique NFT mixtape that sometimes contains a new song or new artwork.

This might be not the best time to drop this idea, but it also not the worst time. I hope you like the idea and will participate and share in the success. All comments and ideas how to make this happen are welcome. And if it is nothing more then a crazy idea, I hope it still have add some silver lining to your story line. That ‘s why I end this proposal/idea/crazy stupid plan with the thing that makes everything possible: music. A song with a greater truth & value “"Time is on my side”

:green_heart: to all & all the best!

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LFG!!! Great song, too! I really, really like this idea.

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