Creating a Frog Nation Apparel Website to generate small revenue streams

Hey everyone. So I had an idea for Wonderland that I thought could bring in additional revenue streams for growing treasury while generating additional marketing. I’m a recent grad student and have a BS in Finance and an MBA with a concentration in strategic management. I also have extensive background with graphic and architect design. I’m proposing that we create a Frog Nation apparel store where we could sell various things like t-shirts, hoodies, hats that include cool logos and designs that I could put together for us. The profits from this store would be put into the Wonderland Treasury / reinvested back into Wonderland. I think this is an aspect of Wonderland where they are currently lacking. If you wanna buy some type of Frog Nation apparel it most likely would be some off brand frog lol with no real benefit to Wonderland’s treasury. This could also help with additional marketing. Simply people wearing the clothing is practically free marketing and one of the fastest ways of spreading ideas is by word of mouth. All it takes is for someone to ask what that sweatshirt is and boom we have another frog joining us! I think this would be an awesome concept that could bring in small revenue streams. In addition, just a fun thing for us frogs to enjoy! I’ve mentioned this idea in the :hourglass_flowing_sand:-general chat and received great feedback. If anyone has any questions or is curious about apparel designs please reach out to me! I would love to follow through with and run the apparel website. Please consider this idea!

If this idea get’s enough support I can start running numbers for expected rev., costs, and traction the website would get! Thanks again!


The proposal is interesting, but I didn’t notice anything about the design. You are betting on people’s interest, but look. You ride the subway (you don’t know the frog nation, Olympus, etc), you see a girl in a Balenciaga sweatshirt, then you see a guy in a Shiba Inu T-shirt, then you see an old man in a brown shirt, then you see a guy in a T-shirt with frogo-logo and Wonderland written.
Q: Are you really interested in a guy? I mean: it’s just some kind of drawing and some kind of inscription. My point: if you develop a clothing brand using the DAO, then do it well, prob with some crazy designer.

Good point, I can put some stuff together and post them in here and see what you guys think