Dani for DAO Manager

DAO manager

Frogs, this DAO is a mess. But we’re gonna drain the pond, with a simple action plan:

  1. Cleaning up

Right now the discord is full of fudsters and people with different opinions. This creates confusion and inefficiency. The forum is even worse, there are many proposals that discuss different problems. There are even proposals that talk about the same problem but have different solutions. Again this just creates more confusion. All these different ideas get us nowhere.

  1. Structure and rules

All these votes lead us nowhere, some proposals we need to vote no others we need to vote yes, how do we keep track…

We introduce turbo proposals. What is a turbo proposal? Turbo proposals are a special kind of proposal. Only DAO managers can make these special turbo proposals. These special proposals make sure we can keep moving fast, they can move fast and efficient through the gocernance process. Once the DAO manager uploads them, they are instantly approved!

No need to read the forum, you don’t even have to vote on them. Without voting we will lose the fudsters, because they wont have anything to fud. Moreover, we can really come together again as a positive community around the decisions we make.

  1. Management & team

The DAO manager also manages day to day financial and operational tasks. Such as investing, deciding on protocol development. Communication is an important aspect, so the DAO manager will hold ama’s at flexible dates and times.

  1. Synergy

The DAO manager is truly the heart and soul of the DAO. The combination of ultra proposals, communication, financial and operational asoects will make sure that we have good coordination and everything runs smootly.

  • Dani for DAO Manager
  • Dani as CEO
  • Dani as Director
  • Dani as Gang leader
  • Dani as Spiritual leader

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Sir, dont you understand this is the only proposal that can pass through this governance process.

I admire those with different proposals, but this is a turbo proposal. Normal proposals are just too slow these times.

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This dani is no good, we have to remove him away from our remaining money that he has pocketes from us, he is a true scammer, fuck.him


Dani for gang leader. Lmfao…

How much does Dani pay you to suck his dick?

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RFC: https://dao.wonderland.money/t/bastion-detailed-proposal-for-treasury-management/

Overtaking treasury keys from Dani & co. to any other will the hardest part for now - nearly impossible. Please let’s try it.

He as to be removed completely from the project. Even today is late. He is the cause of fail.

I think we should take this proposal seriously. I’ve been missing a spiritual leader from my investment portfolio.

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