Dani for treasury

Well, I think it is safe to assume and believe that if anyone should be managing anything, Dani is the man for the job. I am sure he’s over worked. Stressed and hopeful for frog nation.
I think we could all agree that this is the ultimate truth. Dani should get wonderland back on track and prove to all us frogs what it means to be frog nation.



Dani has some fantastic ideas and is clearly a visionary.

But his execution has been lacking.

Let him focus on ideation, leave the delivery to others.

We need a fully doxxed, professional investment team with a solid track record and a good reputation.

That is how we rise from these ashes.


Sorry, but no. Dany’s reputation is in the toilet.
We need a team of fully doxxed and responsible people. The only way a VC or SPAC future can be possible. After the recent events, nobody and i mean NOBODY will invest a single dime in anonymous teams.


No, I am sorry but this is the wrong call.

Dani as the face of Wonderland is fine, he needs a little help with how he comes across as it is far too unprofessional for me, he is a visionary though and it is his ideas that make him the success he is.

For everything else, this project needs professionals with a doxxed proven track record, voted in by us the investors and vetting properly.


oops sorry man, I pretty much cloned your reply without even seeing it lol!

Does anyone think this will bring in new money… Trust has been ****ed beyond belief, the world is watching. Would take more than a miracle to save this sinking ship… The problem is when Dani doxxed himself on such a big scam, shitfu will sneak off while Dani get’s the lifetime of greif. Some people have lost serious amounts of money absorbed by the frog bs.

If i had a once upon a time billion dollar treasury I’d of seen returns for all. Yes there would be slight fluctuations as the price of eth, btc fluctuate but I’d of added to the treasury with profits from transactions and would have taken less profit myself just to help build the pot so it contains an excess to account for market fluctuations making it truly stable for the consumer. Be more risk on the treasury side but the security of not being backed to a dollar and the treasury soaking up the movement. Anything over 5k investment has to be staked for 90days, 10k+for 180days to start with and coins over 5k need to be held for minimum of 30 days if not staked again for short term at least. Giving the treasury time to invest and build treasury profit(safety net) without the coin shitti*g the bed. Once the treasury is well into profit then all could be readdressed. There would have to.be a point though where the treasury not being backed by stable coins will have to accept it can’t always balance the funds but enough in the treasury to cover a 50% market drop would probably suffice.

Probably dreaming and I could probably think of a way to make it work. But I’m all out of TIME and now I only have MEMOries…

The above is not a whitepaper. I’d just want to be successful legitimately… basically venture capital except I’d invest more wisely and offer realistic apy. With those holding long term seeing increased rate rewards. Simple stuff. The wonderland idea could of been something special with sustainable apy and developers who aren’t on the rob.

Could of been a super power in the crytpo world, could of been the future bank/treasury running itself without greed. Putting the money in people’s hands fairly. Stake and reward as the treasury invests/stakes.

Oh well…

(Edit: Don’t take investment advice off anyone who owns time, 90% down… I’d rather of just been properly rug pulled)

Dani for prison!!!

Please check Siam Kidd’s recommendations for the future of Wonderland. He is an incredibly experienced and educated trader who is involved in Wonderland from the start. His 18 point document can be found via his youtube channel > community tab. I urge you to take a look at it and consider his points.


Retain Dani as the lead for WONDERLAND…with a caveat that the team for WL will be transparent and known.

Possibly that will get the proposal to a conclusive point


I think it’s pretty clear from WIP#4 that Dani doesn’t want it.

All these proposals basically saying “we want someone else to do this job on our behalf” are ridiculous. If you want to stand up and do the job stake your case go for it.

If other people want to step up and make their case for taking control they have the opportunity to do so now. From what I can see no one with the right credentials actually wants it.

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Ok. I am willing to take up the role…Will I get a chance to do so?

Point # 4 is Juvenile…everybosy holds the token for 30 days…on the 30th day when the distribution snapshot is taken…whales will use this to dump and shake up…Any periodic and predictable payout in a tradable asset (with so low liquidity) is suicide

Point # 6 This is dangerous. The whole drop in WL token prices has been because of the reckless changes in narrative…jumping from TIME to wMEMO…changing liquidity from TraderJoe to Sushi…liquidity is very fickle and lack of depth in markets is a sureshot wa for the price of the token to get beaten down. So stick to TIME or maybe wMEMO (although I still prefer time) and build a LP of $500 mil…swap ins and swap outs will be smoother and cause less slippages…

Point # 9 Again a dangerous proposal. Investment in multiple project is one thing…having multiple sources to invest is another…traceability becomes an issue and then diversion of funds…and then FUD…all investments and returns of those investments should flow into and out of the same single source…WL treasury…

Point # 10 Again a juvenile proposition…you can close the borrow on ABRA cos that’s within the same ecosystem…you cannot stop another protocol to accept wMEMO as a collateral…that’s just STUPID thought

Point # 11 is wishful thinking. If building a good game wasl all about having money and putting together a team…then creating a great game wouldn’t have been so difficult and there would be many many game studios…creating a game is a business in itself…should WL be an investor or a game studio…If I like good italian food, i’d go to a good restaurant and have one…I wouldn’t think of getting in the restaurant business …hope you catch my drift…

Point # 13 What’s the point…are we into investing or are we into M&A’s…we are and should be seed capital investors for any upcoming projects that has a good potential. PERIOD

Frogs - We embarked on a journey to pool in our capital so that it can make better returns than if each of us had individually taken the pain to research and invest. Protocol owned FUND is the core and that should remain the driving force for any decision that will be taken.

Well, we do need to figure this out. We need to figure our way forward. My personal opinion is to keep Wonderland and it’s original vision. We need to come up with a list of topics to discuss. As far as I’m concerned the sell off of the Treasury should not be one. The entire market loss value including all the other “DAOs” and such losses was not due to any criminal activity. If a person wants out they sell out and it is that simple. That is how free market capitalism is supposed to work. We need to fight for this thing if we want it.

Frogs with at least 100MEMO please use this and put in on to the snapshot!

Wonderland with the current structure model was able to attract 1billion $ of treasury funds to earn 1million $ per day for the treasury growth.

Moving to a revenue sharing model will let all holders benefit from the treasury.

But due to the utility of wMEMO to be able to use as collateral, has cause to multiple liquidation cascades, if wales dump wMEMO.

The problem with the rebase model has obvious failed, additionally to the liquidation cascades.

Every user could have jump into MEMO right before the rebase and sell the tokens immediately, which has caused a depreciation of the price of wMEMO

The possible solution could be (as planned):

  1. Moving from rebase model to revenue share.

How the UI could look like:

Post from The DeFi Edge:

  1. wMEMO won’t be used as collateral anymore.

(Already happen)

Their is no other protocol in this space available yet, with the utility to have a fund with a revenue sharing model.

There is no other project out there which could compete with wonderland, if we bring it to the right track again.

The treasury is healthy and ready for a new CFO to take over.

The community will vote for the next best CFO.

Improve the treasury to make it more efficient. It earning about 1million $ per day at the moment. It will earn much more for us holders if we let it continue to work us.

Give wonderland exclusive access to abracadabra for unlimited funds to create the biggest DeFi fund on this planet.

Give Dani a second chance.

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Nicely explained! Thanks!
I’d like to see Dani continue with this project and hope he is still willing to do so.
I understand people are disappointed and angry at the moment, but it also doesn’t seem quite fair to unload it all on Dani. He should get a chance to turn things around. Especially if backed by new structure and team.
I still think we can come out of this stronger than before.

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Hell noooooo!!! Let’s Dani have ideas,smoke weed and that’s it!!! And he really need a team in communication because sometimes he’s limit!!!

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Sadly and with all due respect to Dani - no.

This doesn’t make sense at all. I doubt Dani would even want to take the job.

We need a team of professionals who have experience managing crypto investment funds, if such a thing exists.

There has been too much drama for me to think that another YouTube personality is the solution. There is 700m in treasury to manage. That is a job that a professional investment team should be doing with accountability for performance, internal controls in place, and transparency on strategy. Use the personalities for opening doors into good projects, but let a team of professionals manage the treasury.