Dani for treasury

I wouldn’t support Dani. He would use the treasury funds for his other projects. He stated yesterday that he wants Wonderland to come to an end. He is not the man for the job.

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The question on a lot of people’s mind’s… as we speak I can only speculate that they are moving more of the treasury around to fund their own shit.

It’s going to get messier as they are playing the system.

It’s become an idea farm at the expense of the holders.

After he’s lined his pockets…

Given the mistakes that were made and the many unanswered questions about how the price of TIME wMEMO was manipulated below the backing price in the absence of safeguards which was a foreseeable event it is only prudent to establish an independent management team for the time being.

I fully support Daniele and his work. I believe in his intentions and I believe Wonderland has a place in the frog nation integrated with its other protocols.

A little contradictory… Dani is doxxed, he can’t just rinse the money over night. He’s radio silence again… probably him and sifu moving money or working out how to bleed it some more. Backing price will plummet before they hand any money over. They aren’t stupid…

I’m saying given the magnitude of the mistakes that were made and the questions that are still unanswered I don’t believe it is appropriate to continue with Dani or Sifu at this time.

My gut tells me that there was no intention to bring Wonderland down or defraud investors and once our due diligence in this respect has been done I believe the best outcome for Wonderland will be to continue under Dani’s vision for the frog nation.

There’s also sifu’s shady shit as well. If you can find his wallet address watch the transactions.

  • Unfortunately, the story does not end there. Dani’s Etherscan transactions show repeated borrowing of $MIM on Abracadabra against his own protocol’s tokens, cashing out the $MIM for $USDT, maneuvering the $USDT through this alt account, then sending the $USDT to CEXs, presumably for sale to fiat. At this point, he has cashed out almost $20 million USD to Bitfinex.*

It was the name of the game from the start. It’s just more elaborate so they can both walk away.

I agree there needs to be a clear, transparent and auditable report regarding the absence of the limit orders. Why these weren’t in place when the liquidations occured is very concerning and it’s hard to regain confidence in the team responsible without full disclosure.

As for the rest of the dealings made by Dani, it’s up to him what he does with his assets isn’t it?

I hope that confidence in this team can be restored and if not we have the opportunity now to go our own way thanks to the strength we displayed in blocking the dissolution of the treasury.

The timing of it all…

*yet he was sleeping

Questions that haven’t been answered and enough to undermine the confidence needed to appoint Dani to the treasury, but nothing that can be regarded as proof that there was intent to defraud investors as far as I can tell.

Or if it is proof, then explain it to me in simple terms so my newbie brain can comprehend.

If not, put your pitchfork down and get constructive.

The questions are never answered when asked, they’ll just deviate or ban you from the discord or have their man on twitter tell you that’s not the topic and cut you off.

The money… they dictated all those liquidations with a little inside trading,just look at the charts and start looking at transfers prior/during etc. I’ve been fairly successful in the last 10 years in the stock market side of life and have a fair understanding of it. This whole whale crashing the market was them shifting money about(bleeding the treasury). They were both off the radar (sleeping) when the price was crashing with liquidations yet the wallets were active.

If you’re still unsure with the newbie mindset. Have a look at inside trading and how price manipulation works. It’s not the whales that crashed the market it’s Dani & Sifu doing what they do best. Making themselves money.

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We have to get rid of Daniel & co. ASAP for good.

I’m assuming there’s no way to determine beyond reasonable doubt from the ledger how the market crashed while the limit orders were meant to be in place.

It seems pretty obvious there was an intentional effort to force the price down below backing, given the buyback to backing was public knowledge. So this action should have been easy to foresee, and the absence of protection against it raises some pretty serious questions.

Is it possible to obtain onchain evidence for or against internal collusion?

This comes first:

Doesn’t make sense to commit changes or not without it.

Switched this to General Discussion since RFC is the second step of the governance process.

If there was already a General Discussion post linked to this RFC, please link it to me.


far more likely, whoever doxxed Sifu is the one who orchestrated the liquidations with their inside knowledge

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