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My idea here is to design/create a similar concept as to the purpose of what the WIP serves. But rather than it focusing on ways we can suggest ideas to the team for potentially making major changes/implementations, this would serve as a system of governance and discourse the community can utilize as a way to better focus our ideas without the need of an authoritative figure to reach some point of feasible advancement and culmination.

I think it is very important for the dao community to have an outlet that caters explicitly to itself, it would give us the capability to govern ourselves in a much more effective way compared to how the governance system currently functions.

I think it would be a bad idea to try to change or realign anything we currently have in place in regards to the forums and the governance/voting system, simply because it works and serves it’s designed purpose well. However, I think it would be a very good idea to add on to it in a way that better aligns the core values of a dao.

I am thinking broadly here of course and have not thought too much into anything specifically about this idea… I would like to get some feedback from other community members and hear their thoughts on this first

Thank you for reading.

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I need more deets.

Tangible examples/actions of what you are trying to accomplish with this.

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From my understanding, he is suggesting something similar to what I suggested in my post, instead of governance voting on snapshot, we use it to vote on ideas like we have polls for WIP’s, for example, we had " WIP #5.2: Rage Quit Whitelist" on snapshot, we have polls like we have polls for RFC, but on snapshot.

What this will accomplish is?
Many wonderland holders, don’t have forum accounts or discord accounts, I have been in wonderland since November, but I have only made this account a few days ago, and I still don’t have a discord account. This would make this more of a DAO, since all votes would be registered, and every single person who holds WMEMO/TIME would vote in seconds instead of needing to make an account here and vote.

well first of all I am curious to see how the two different types of voting would play out here, community 1vote per person, vs 1token 1vote… but yes it would be essentially that, just create a new channel under WIP and call it DIP (Lol), for dao improvement proposal… the community would be more active in that sort of thing over time I think because it would branch off into a bunch of different areas of interest for advancement/innovation/improvement, so in a way it would help people organize eachother better without having to write a whole thesis or garner the support of the majority of the community…

snapshot wouldnt be necessary, just set a certain amount of votes yes to move forward and go from there, make it a simple button on the authors post.

If it gets popular in general we can expand the idea into easier ways to implement good ideas without some political hurdle any amount of IT evolution should have to take…

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